Chris Russoniello

Exploring the interface between the earth, fresh water and the ocean

My research group is interested in understanding how physical hydrologic processes influence water quality and movement in terrestrial, coastal, and marine environments. We study how surface water and groundwater interact, how fresh and saltwater mix near the coast, and the resiliency of fresh water in aquifers in the face of a changing world. We work on several specific interdisciplinary research projects, within which we conduct field and lab experiments coupled with innovative computer models.

I am always looking for highly motivated graduate students interesting in pursuing hydrogeology research in a collaborative environment.


The Workshop brings students and professionals together for a hands-on field learning experience. Participants explore techniques including drill rigs, surface and borehole geophysics, stream gauging, water quality instruments and more. I will be presenting a short talk and co-leading the groundwater tracer module.

6th Annual Hydro~Geo Workshop

I'll be at the 2019 Texas Hydro~Geo Workshop!

Cited by editor Martyn Clark as an outstanding reviewer for Water Resources Research - 2018

EOS Article

Water Resources Research

American Geophysical Union outstanding reviewer award -

West Virginia University

Dept. of Geology and Geography

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