Chris Russoniello

Exploring the interface between the earth, fresh water and the ocean

My research group is interested in understanding how physical hydrologic processes influence water quality and movement especially at the margin between terrestrial and marine environments. We investigate how surface water and groundwater interact, how fresh and saltwater mix near the coast, and the evolution of chemistry in these waters. We are especially interested in the resiliency of fresh water resources in the face of a changing world. We work on several specific interdisciplinary research projects, within which we conduct field and lab experiments coupled with innovative computer models.

I am always looking for highly motivated graduate students interesting in pursuing hydrogeology research in a collaborative environment.


Kendra Devereux (Rutgers REU Mentee) is presenting at AGU!

Congrats to Kendra!

Kendra presented her Senior thesis work on "Estimating future groundwater recharge rates over the Contiguous United States" at AGU 2020.  Kendra will graduate from Wooster College this May.

Lindsey Aman has joined the lab for an MS looking at groundwater flow in Arctic Deltas

Congrats to Lindsey for finishing at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)!

We're excited for Lindsey to join the Hydro Lab at WVU for a Geology MS!

Deon Knights has joined the lab for a two-year PostDoctoral fellowship!

Deon was awarded a prestigious NSF EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deon's two year postdoc will focus on understanding nutrient processing in arctic deltas. He will build physical delta models on top of which he will simulate flow and reactive transport of nutrients. Summer 2021 fieldwork in the MacKenzie Delta in Northwest Territories will constrain his nutrient processing rates. 

I was at AGU!

American Geophysical Union 2019 Fall Meeting

presented a poster at the AGU 2019 Annual Meeting. It was great to see so many new and familiar faces!

I was at the 2019 Texas Hydro~Geo Workshop!

6th Annual Hydro~Geo Workshop

The Workshop brought students and professionals together for a hands-on field learning experience. Participants explore techniques including drill rigs, surface and borehole geophysics, stream gauging, water quality instruments and more. I presented a talk on my research, attended a module on Resistivity Profiling and co-lead a groundwater tracing module. Thanks to Geary Schindel and the organizing committee, the Bexar Grotto, and the National Speliological Society for bringing me to Texas and making me feel at home!

SOGWaM is back online!

I have found a new host for SOGWaM so that educators and students may use it during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Check out the Simple Online Groundwater Model (SOGWaM -- yes, it's a terrible name) here or on the Git. I've included an exercise I have used in my 400-level Hydrogeology courses.

Geofluids special issue is published!

Flow, Transport, and Reactions in Coastal Aquifers

I co-edited a geofluids special issue with Xuan Yu, Leanne K. Morgan, Gudrun Massmann, and Guizhi Wang. The issue and our accompanying editorial was published February 4, 2020

Presentation at the Pittsburgh Geological Society

PGS November Meeting

I spoke at the Pittsburgh Geological Society (PGS) about how i am working to quantify the amount of exchange between global oceans and seabed sediments (and why we care!). The PGS is largely composed on industry professionals and undergraduate participants from a variety of nearby schools. Thanks for the invitation!

American Geophysical Union outstanding reviewer award -

Water Resources Research

Cited by editor Martyn Clark as an outstanding reviewer for Water Resources Research - 2018

EOS Article