SOGWaM was developed as a teaching tool for introductory geology, hydrology, and groundwater courses. This Word Doc contains a sample exercise I have used in my class. It should work well on Windows/Android/IOS tablets and also on laptop and desktop machines.

SOGWaM, a Simple Online Groundwater Model, was developed during my Postdoc a Syracuse University. We presented it at AGU 2018: 

Teaching hydrogeology with a Simple Online Groundwater Model (SOGWaM)

CJ Russoniello, L Lautz, J Fawcett, RG Nair, AA Bhosale, A Bhatt

AGUFM 2018, ED53E-0754

It may be run directly from Github, and may work better at that location:

FInally, it is also available in its original Python format in a Google Colab